CEO’s Letter

One of the greatest challenges organizations face today is keeping pace with the incredible rate of technological change. They are in a constant IT project life cycle, needing to continuously design, build, and manage the right technology solutions that will help them drive real business outcomes. As a result, their IT projects are becoming even more complex.

Now more than ever, organizations and businesses must embrace collaborative innovation. Partnering with trusted technology advisors enables them to focus on their core capabilities while benefitting from a wealth of specialized IT knowledge and expertise.

NYSTEC’s IT professionals have been advising organizations, agencies, institutions, and businesses since 1996. We have a wide range of technology experience across industries, and we provide high-quality, cost-effective services and solutions that are tailored for each client. Because we are a nonprofit technology consulting company, we are independent and vendor-neutral, committed to giving our clients unbiased advice centered around trust, honesty, and respect.

If you want to learn more about NYSTEC, I invite you to contact us. We would be happy to work with you to overcome technology challenges—and seize new opportunities.

Kevin Owens
President and CEO, NYSTEC