Our Culture

At NYSTEC, we act with urgency to respond to our clients’ needs. We challenge ourselves to add value while bringing clarity to complex problems. And we believe that through teamwork, we can make our clients and peers successful—which, in turn, makes each of us successful.

Our Mindsets

Every interaction is an opportunity to deliver exceptional service that empowers client success.

NYSTEC succeeds when individuals and teams flourish personally and professionally.

Our Values

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We are committed to innovation, which we believe is the most significant stimulus for improving the overall prosperity of our communities, clients, and employees. We encourage new ideas and perspectives that consider all stakeholders impacted by an innovation and promote continuous improvement in all levels of our organization. We act as a catalyst for technological innovation to sustainably power regional economic growth. We are committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce to champion innovative ideas.

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We act with high ethical standards and operate with integrity no matter how challenging the situation. We welcome diverse viewpoints and hold each other responsible for making informed decisions to deliver high-quality services to our clients. As trusted advisors, we demonstrate honesty and personal accountability in every action we take.

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We foster teamwork by creating a culture that values collaboration and seeks out different perspectives. Whether we are working with clients, colleagues, or community partners, we believe that planning, decision making, and results are better achieved when we consider a diverse set of inputs. We value the significant contributions that come from a wide range of viewpoints, experiences, and knowledge.

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We believe in building strong and inclusive communities, internally and externally. Internally, we create a dynamic work environment that supports individuals and teams. We believe our success is powered by the diverse opinions, skillsets, life experiences, and unique perspectives of our employees. We strive for a culture that consistently builds a strong sense of belonging and trust for all NYSTEC employees. Externally, we encourage participation in activities that support the betterment of our society to improve life in our personal and professional communities; we achieve this through donation of time and talent and economic participation.

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Our strength is derived from our culture, which is centered on our valued and engaged employees: our people. We learn from each other and allow everyone’s voice to be heard, and we respond with respect and empathy. We believe that our people realize their full potential to deliver exceptional value when they feel that they belong. We consider how to support our own and our colleagues’ growth and development.

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We achieve excellence through action. We consistently take time to understand the needs of our clients and colleagues, and we respond to those needs thoughtfully, responsibly, and clearly, in a timely manner. We have the courage to change course when needed. We review our performance and discuss lessons learned through seeking and sharing timely feedback. We build relationships to create greater value for our clients, colleagues, and the communities we serve.

NYSTEC's Inclusive Work Environment

At NYSTEC, everyone’s voice is heard. We promote an environment of trust and mutual respect, creating a solid foundation for collaboration, growth, high performance, and success.

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