NYSTEC Federal

One of our primary goals is to help foster an innovation ecosystem. We empower technology leaders and visionary thinkers by facilitating connections among entrepreneurs, academic organizations, and government agencies across the state—and beyond.

Legislation enables us to serve as a trusted advisor to state and local government in New York. We are committed to bringing this same level of expertise to federal agencies, providing insight into technology initiatives around the nation in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing (QC), cybersecurity, healthcare technology, and drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Federal Offerings

Small Business Acceleration

Through our IgniteU NY program, we provide entrepreneurial programming, workshops, mentorship, business development facilitation and acceleration, strategic meeting facilitation, networking, and community events.

Technology Commercialization/Tech Transfer

We help support the transitioning of technologies from research labs (federal, state, academic, or private) to the marketplace.

See additional information in the Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) section of the page.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program Support

We help federal agencies generate greater ROI for their SBIR/STTR programs, improve transition and commercialization successes, and increase the speed to market.

Workforce Development

We build increased technical bench strength through specialized, hands-on experiential learning.

Community Outreach & Development

We help foster interest and ecosystems around topics such as data management, entrepreneurship, and smart cities. Our program IgniteU NY incorporates aspects of NSF I-Corps National Science Foundation customer discovery into an early startup accelerator/experiential learning curriculum.

Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA)

NYSTEC holds a PIA with the AFRL to engage academia and industry on behalf of government to accelerate tech transfer and licensing.

As a nonprofit and an objective independent advisor with a deep understanding of the industries in which our clients work, we are well positioned to increase the likelihood of success in conducting cooperative or joint activities with small business firms and institutions of higher education to make use of technology-related assistance from the AFRL and other government labs.