Economic Development


Startups and new businesses are the lifeblood of economic development. And they’re stronger when they work together as part of an innovation hub focused on entrepreneurship.

Our strong network spans government, research institutions, universities, and private technology companies. Through our time, talent, and funding, we’re helping to commercialize technology and accelerate local startups.

We empower technology leaders and visionary thinkers to help create new businesses in Central and Upstate New York.

Our Economic Development Services

Converged Networks

  • Smart City Consulting
  • Broadband / Wireless Services
  • Network Consulting
  • Network/Telecom/Data Center Analysis
  • Planning & PM/QA (fiber)Technology Acquisition

Technology Acquisitions

  • Statewide Economic Development
  • IgniteU NY Early-Accelerator Entrepreneur Program Planning and Administration
  • Department of Public Service / Public Service Commission – Planning
  • Department of Public Service / Public Service Commission – RFP Development
  • Department of Public Service / Public Service Commission – IV&V & System Testing Support

Information Security

Case Study

Case study

Committed to Community Engagement and Collaboration

Contract with NYSTEC

Whether it’s via our OGS centralized contract, DOB Business Transformation, NYC Citywide QC-3, PBITS, FISA Security Assessment, ITS74 or MBTA Blanket Consulting, we’re ready to contract with you.