Leveraging technology to improve student outcomes. Understanding what IT can deliver. Distance learning. Network upgrades. Disaster Recovery planning. Cybersecurity threats. These are just a few of the technology challenges facing the educational community today.

Through our relationships with educational government agencies and academic institutions at all levels, NYSTEC sees the big picture when it comes to technology in education.

Whether you are a college, university, school district, education board, or educational government agency, NYSTEC can assess your current technology environment and help you plan improvements to your networks, communications systems, cybersecurity, data centers, learning technologies, and administrative systems.

Our Education Services

Converged Networks

  • State University of New York (SUNY) – Network Analysis
  • State Education Boards & School Districts – Network Analysis
  • City of New York (CUNY) Colleges – Network Analysis
  • City of New York (CUNY) Colleges – Radio Consulting
  • City of New York (CUNY) Colleges – IT Analysis & Project Management/Quality Assurance (PMQA)
  • City of New York (CUNY) Colleges – Data Center Planning

Technology Acquisitions

  • State Education – RFP Development
  • State Education – Vendor Implementation/Project Management & Quality Assurance (PMQA)
  • State Education Department – Independent Validation and Verification
  • State Education Department – RFI Development
  • Medgar Evers College – Business Process Modeling
  • NYS Teacher’s Retirement System – RFP Development
  • State Education Department – Data Integration Analysis

Information Security

  • State Education Boards & School Districts – Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
  • State Education Boards & School Districts – Security & Policy Review
  • State Education Boards & School Districts – Data Identity & Federation Assistance
  • State & City Universities – Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
  • State & City Universities – Security & Policy Review

Case Study

Case study

RFP Strategy for State Education Reporting System

Contract with NYSTEC

Whether it’s via our OGS centralized contract, DOB Business Transformation, NYC Citywide QC-3, PBITS, FISA Security Assessment, ITS74 or MBTA Blanket Consulting, we’re ready to contract with you.