NYSTEC Contributes and Attends NF2 Fundraiser Event in Albany

The Grasso Family and Glennpeter Jewelers hosted a fundraiser on Friday, November 17th at the Glennpeter Jewelers Diamond Center in Albany, NY. This event was established to honor the Rebecca Grasso Fund, which is part of the Neurofibromatosis Northeast’s initiative to support medical research to find a cure or treatment options for people with Neurofibromatosis (Type I, II and Schwannomatosis).

Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) is a hereditary condition most commonly associated with bilateral vestibular schwannomas (tumors), that exist throughout the affected individual’s nervous system. These benign (noncancerous) tumors affect balance and often result in profound hearing lost.

200 people attended the event and with the generous support of family, friends and companies like NYSTEC, the Rebecca Grasso Fund event was able to raise over $55,000 to further important research of individuals with this disease.

To learn more about this event and NF2. Click here.

2017 Thanksgiving Donation to Rome Rescue Mission from NYSTEC

As part of NYSTEC’s continued support for local charities, a food donation was recently made to the Rome, NY Rescue Mission. The food items were used for the Mission’s annual Thanksgiving Day dinner at their facility and also for Thanksgiving Day food baskets, which included everything a family needs to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at their own home.

The Rome Rescue Mission is committed to assisting the poor in the Rome, NY area by providing shelter to the homeless and feeding the hungry. To learn more or to donate, click here.

NYSTEC Donates to the Schenectady City Mission to Help Feed the Homeless on Thanksgiving

On Sunday, November 19th, a small team of NYSTEC shoppers bought and delivered a long list of Thanksgiving groceries for the Family Life Center for Women and Children, part of the City Mission of Schenectady. These groceries will allow the 15 women and 7 children currently residing at the Family Life Center to prepare and celebrate their own holiday meal.

The NYSTEC team filled 4 carts that included all of the usual Thanksgiving food items, plus some specific items the residents requested as part of their holiday traditions.

The City Mission helps people who are in need right now by meeting basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. The Mission also provides counseling as well as life and job skills training for those eager to improve their life situation.

To learn more or to donate, click here.