A Leadership Role in Rome

NYSTEC strives to take a leadership role for economic growth and social development in our communities. Our CFO and Director of Economic Development and Outreach Michele Salisbury is a prime example of this commitment to community leadership: she is the Chairwoman of the Chamber of Commerce for Rome, NY.

“Rome is such a great place to live, work, and raise a family,” she says. “I just wanted to find ways to support our community personally and professionally.”

The Chamber’s goal is to foster a stronger and more engaged community to support the sustainment, growth, and recruitment of Rome businesses.

After serving as a Board member for the Rome Chamber for three years, Michele assumed the Chair in June 2016. One of her chief objectives is to sustain a strong volunteer base for the 600-member Rome Chamber. Her energy and enthusiasm for Chamber activities have encouraged other NYSTEC employees to volunteer at Chamber events.

“All of the Chamber’s initiatives are meant to promote business and community pride—two components essential for a vibrant community,” she says. “We rely heavily on volunteers to achieve our goals. I can attest that collaborating with your neighbors to improve your community is rewarding on many, many levels.

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