Drone Technology

NYSTEC partners with Oneida County and its UAS Test Site to help other state and local agencies get smart about the efficient and effective use of drone technology. The Oneida airport in Rome, NY, is one of seven sites across the country designated by the Federal Aviation Administration for testing unmanned aerial systems. More than 2,600 test flights have taken off from the County Airport.

Quantum Technology

NYSTEC partnered with the US Air Force to host a highly collaborative Virtual Quantum Collider event. The purpose of this event, which brought together industry, academia, and the small business community, was to help enable innovation and smart technologies to quickly transfer advanced quantum technologies for government use.

Healthcare Technology

Our Population Health Strategy’s Quality Measurement team is experienced in the design, implementation, and evaluation of pilots to improve clinical data quality and availability in the state to enable population measurement.


Prior to the 2018 midterm elections, NYSTEC assisted the NYS Board of Elections with the successful execution of several key initiatives, including developing and operationalizing a secure elections center and implementing a managed security services solution.

The NYSTEC Experience

Are you looking for a different type of experience?  Are you looking for a place where your hard work is rewarded and where you can truly have a work/life balance?  Does a pay for performance culture including a generous Total Rewards package motivate you?  Do you thrive in an environment of trust and mutual respect, creating a solid foundation for collaboration, growth, high performance and success?

What is the culture like at NYSTEC?

At NYSTEC, you are expected to use our brand mindsets and behaviors as a guide when making company decisions. A consistent professional image is a critical component of NYSTEC’s brand image. You are skilled at fostering strong relationships and bring our vision and values to life by “Living the NYSTEC Experience.” The NYSTEC Experience is defined by a set of brand mindsets and behaviors we practice every day to provide a consistent, visible and exceptional on–brand experience for NYSTEC employees and clients. Helpful, friendly people who are ready to jump in and collaborate with you in finding the best solution for our clients’ needs will surround you.  Our cross practice, collaborative policy ensures that you have access to the person who has the information and/or knowledge to get the job done for both our internal and external clients.

To get a preview of working at NYSTEC, please access the video below or use this link.

Internal Services Careers

Are you seeking new challenges? Are you looking for an environment that will allow you to make an impact every day? Do you want to work with colleagues who value collaboration? Are you looking for a workplace that will help you develop professionally?

You may be the perfect fit for NYSTEC.  Experienced professionals come here for our extensive range of internal, service opportunities in Human Resources, Marketing Support, Administrative Support, Contracts, Finance, and Business Development.  Once here, you will see the value in staying for the challenges discovered along the way.

What are the expectations of a NYSTEC Consultant?

As a member of the Service Delivery team, you will have the opportunity to provide meaningful work that reshapes business, government and society.  You will collaborate on challenging projects with team members from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, developing new skills and experience to help you at every stage of your career.  You perform consulting services, with a Direct Labor Utilization (DLU) target, e.g. billable hours, at or above the business plan goal. You are comfortable giving, receiving and seeking feedback from colleagues and clients in accordance with your role and NYSTEC behaviors. Consulting work is varied and much of it is performed at our client sites. Projects can vary in length, size and location, depending on the client’s challenge. All team members may be required to travel, as necessary, including but not limited to travel by air, train, car, or subway within our NYSTEC geographical location.


As a consultant, you will work on a team with talented, supportive NYSTECers who will help you learn and challenge you to grow.  You will be responsible for specific components of a project and participate in business development by delivering quality service to our clients.  You will be expected to seek knowledge and gain expertise through professional development within your subject matter area.


As a senior consultant, you will begin to develop specialized knowledge. You adopt project management best practices. You may lead projects/programs, focus on a particular subject matter expertise area, participate in business development activities, and help teams flourish by guiding their efforts and directing their talents to allow our clients, partners and professionals to succeed.


As a principal consultant, you have developed the experience and leadership skills to assume full responsibility and accountability for executing projects or programs including defining project roles and responsibilities, planning and project tracking activities, communicating project status upward and to the client managers. You will focus on building client relationships, team mentoring and business development.


As a practice leader, you have a growing role in thought leadership. You balance management responsibilities with client responsibilities. Clients will seek your advice on business issues that extend beyond the immediate scope of your project work. As a leader, you will drive growth and build teams to meet tomorrow’s client issues and challenges.

If all of this sounds like something you would like to be part of, we invite you to consider joining our team.

Moving to the Cloud

If you’re interested in transitioning technologies and services to the cloud, NYSTEC can help. We promote a two-tiered cloud strategy that considers risks and rewards to help your organization’s IT leaders make the right decisions.

Our approach:

  • Provide help with the design of an agile decision-making framework to visually compare and contrast current infrastructure and application workloads against a dynamic vendor landscape filled with cloud-based solutions of varying maturity.
  • Offer ways to communicate a cloud strategy to organization leaders looking to take advantage of the benefits of cloud services (decreased capital expenditures, shorter deployment cycles, agility, etc.) to drive growth and improve business outcomes.
  • Enhance visibility and focus on the most-significant IT investments, which represent the greatest potential risks and/or benefits.

We invite you to work with us to determine what value a cloud environment brings—and how you can move your organization’s technology and processes to the cloud.

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Data Governance Recommendation for EIS

NYSTEC performed an independent assessment of the intake, storage and distribution of data among several agencies and departments for a New York healthcare agency. As a result of this assessment, NYSTEC formulated a set of recommendations to improve processes related to these data streams. These recommendations included enhanced data management as well as a governance model to improve decision making processes related to the data intake system.

The data management recommendation included the identification of a data steward to lead a cross-organizational team of analysts and subject matter experts. The team would be charged with leading systematic and ongoing data quality investigation and reporting, maintaining metadata, training and education of staff across departments in use and interpretation of the data, assisting with root cause analysis of data issues identified by users, and serving as a central resource for data users.

These Governance recommendations were aimed at ensuring that the needs of stakeholders are properly represented in decision-making on both technical and policy issues related to the data intake system. The recommendations covered both the structure of the governance body as well as processes for developing decision criteria, documenting business needs, prioritizing initiatives and tracking benefits realization.

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A Leadership Role in Rome

NYSTEC strives to take a leadership role for economic growth and social development in our communities. Our CFO and Director of Economic Development and Outreach Michele Salisbury is a prime example of this commitment to community leadership: she is the Chairwoman of the Chamber of Commerce for Rome, NY.

“Rome is such a great place to live, work, and raise a family,” she says. “I just wanted to find ways to support our community personally and professionally.”

The Chamber’s goal is to foster a stronger and more engaged community to support the sustainment, growth, and recruitment of Rome businesses.

After serving as a Board member for the Rome Chamber for three years, Michele assumed the Chair in June 2016. One of her chief objectives is to sustain a strong volunteer base for the 600-member Rome Chamber. Her energy and enthusiasm for Chamber activities have encouraged other NYSTEC employees to volunteer at Chamber events.

“All of the Chamber’s initiatives are meant to promote business and community pride—two components essential for a vibrant community,” she says. “We rely heavily on volunteers to achieve our goals. I can attest that collaborating with your neighbors to improve your community is rewarding on many, many levels.

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