Data Governance Recommendation for EIS

NYSTEC performed an independent assessment of the intake, storage and distribution of data among several agencies and departments for a New York healthcare agency. As a result of this assessment, NYSTEC formulated a set of recommendations to improve processes related to these data streams. These recommendations included enhanced data management as well as a governance model to improve decision making processes related to the data intake system.

The data management recommendation included the identification of a data steward to lead a cross-organizational team of analysts and subject matter experts. The team would be charged with leading systematic and ongoing data quality investigation and reporting, maintaining metadata, training and education of staff across departments in use and interpretation of the data, assisting with root cause analysis of data issues identified by users, and serving as a central resource for data users.

These Governance recommendations were aimed at ensuring that the needs of stakeholders are properly represented in decision-making on both technical and policy issues related to the data intake system. The recommendations covered both the structure of the governance body as well as processes for developing decision criteria, documenting business needs, prioritizing initiatives and tracking benefits realization.

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