Moving to the Cloud

If you’re interested in transitioning technologies and services to the cloud, NYSTEC can help. We promote a two-tiered cloud strategy that considers risks and rewards to help your organization’s IT leaders make the right decisions.

Our approach:

  • Provide help with the design of an agile decision-making framework to visually compare and contrast current infrastructure and application workloads against a dynamic vendor landscape filled with cloud-based solutions of varying maturity.
  • Offer ways to communicate a cloud strategy to organization leaders looking to take advantage of the benefits of cloud services (decreased capital expenditures, shorter deployment cycles, agility, etc.) to drive growth and improve business outcomes.
  • Enhance visibility and focus on the most-significant IT investments, which represent the greatest potential risks and/or benefits.

We invite you to work with us to determine what value a cloud environment brings—and how you can move your organization’s technology and processes to the cloud.

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