Digital Learning


The modern workforce is expected to deliver results at an accelerated pace. To do so, today’s dynamic work environment needs to embrace new technology quickly. How can one speed up effective learning, knowledge transfer, skills development, and user confidence? By adopting the latest digital learning tools and techniques.

At NYSTEC, we design and deliver digital learning services to create the most efficient and effective way to teach and learn. Digital learning leverages technology so that clients, users, and program stakeholders are empowered to learn in a new and better way.

  • Users and stakeholders learn more effectively by connecting theory, understanding the program, and navigating an application more adeptly—setting the stage for better, more comprehensive learning and understanding.
  • Users learn more efficiently by leveraging their time better, reaching more people faster, simultaneously engaging regionally disparate learners, and quickly determining where users are struggling and what needs to change for users to learn most successfully.

Utilizing the latest teaching and assessment technologies, we work with clients to develop digital learning courseware, deliver learning solutions, and strategize communication tailored to the needs of employees, system users, and stakeholders.

If you want to leverage technology to create the most efficient and effective way to teach and learn, NYSTEC Digital Learning consultants can help.

Our Digital Learning Offerings

Digital Learning Planning Needs Assessment

  • Training Needs Assessments
  • Hybrid Learning Plans
  • Communication Management Plans

Digital Learning Curriculum Development and Evaluation

  • Software Simulation Videos
  • Interactive Tutorials
  • Electronic User Guides

Anytime, Anywhere Facilitation

  • In-Person and Virtual Facilitation Programs
  • Hosted Webinars

Cross Industry Support

Case Study

Case study

Custom Digital Learning Solution Reduces Support Desk Calls and Ends User Confusion

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