Project Management & Quality Assurance


According to a Standish Group CHAOS report, only 29 percent of software development projects are successful, 52 percent fall short of objectives or overrun their budgets—and 19 percent are outright failures.

Many organizations realize only after a technology implementation is completed that their project would have benefitted from Project Management and Quality Assurance (PM/QA).

NYSTEC’s experienced project managers are certified through the Project Management Institute, providing clients with a process-oriented PM/QA approach. We can assist with planning your technology acquisition, defining requirements, writing RFPs, and evaluating vendors. We can help you manage your IT contractor, making sure your vendor adheres to standards for deliverables, applications development, testing, and review processes—and confirming that delivered products and services meet all performance requirements.

When it comes to managing a complex technology project, there’s no need to go it alone. NYSTEC can help.

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Case study

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