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Real Business Outcomes

Anyone can get technology for technology’s sake. That doesn’t mean the right technology is being used for the right purpose.

Today, technology is changing faster than ever. It’s our job to help our clients keep up with that pace of change.

We work closely with our clients so that they understand what tools they need to bring about the results they want to deliver. The right tools, for their specific needs.

We advise clients how to use technology to meet their goals—and achieve real business outcomes.

Group 7BT

Business Transformation

Addressing how changes from a business transformation are beneficial, helping determine how the changes will occur, and then developing a plan to manage the changes as they occur.

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Group 7CS

Cloud Services

Assisting organizations with evaluating, planning, implementing, and securing cloud solutions.

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Group 7DG

Data Governance

Helping organizations manage the availability, usability, and integrity of data.

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Group 7DL

Digital Learning

Empowering organizations to provide effective, cutting-edge learning solutions

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Group 7IS

Information Security

Working with organizations to improve their security posture and keep their data safe.

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Group 7IE

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Empowering organizations to think and act in dynamic ways to help take their business to the next level of success.

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Group 7PM

Program Management

Helping organizations adhere to best practices, utilize state-of-the-art tools and techniques, and institute a metrics-based approach to achieve program success.

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Group 7PM QA

Project Management & Quality Assurance

Providing experienced project planning, management, and monitoring for organizations undertaking technology procurements and upgrades.

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Group 7S


Helping organizations develop sound IT strategies for technology investments, improvements, and innovations.

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Group 7TA CS

Technical Architecture and Communications Systems

Working with organizations to assess, analyze, plan, and design their communications network.

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Group 7TA

Technology Acquisitions

Assisting organizations through the entire process of planning, acquiring, and implementing technology systems.

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Contract with NYSTEC

Whether it’s via our OGS centralized contract, DOB Business Transformation, NYC Citywide QC-3, PBITS, FISA Security Assessment, ITS74 or MBTA Blanket Consulting, we’re ready to contract with you.